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GIVE YOUR ACT A MUSIC MAKEOVER by Arthur and Leslie Stead. This is THE ultimate resource for adding music to your shows. Learn how to choose music, use music, what to do and what not to do. Discover musical secrets you never knew! Understand how music adds power, emotion, and impact. Learn how to involve the audience, maintain momentum, and make your act much more magical and memorable. These simple techniques will literally transform your shows and triple your audience response!


“I recently had the pleasure of reading your Music Makeover Study Notes. You've identified common mistakes, provided intelligent, artistic solutions, and revealed music to be, not a commodity, but a living entity within a show. Best of all, it is presented in a way that is accessible to the musically untrained, as well as those of us with some experience in the field. I'm looking forward to sharpening my own tools with the knowledge you've shared, and using some of your outstanding audio products.”

                                                 - Steve Petra, Petra Puppets, NY


“I highly recommend Arthur and Leslie Stead's lecture notes. Their music is fantastic, written with magic in mind, and their extensive background in composing and performing really shows. It adds a dimension to their Make It Magic CD series that makes the music really special. My advice: buy the Music Makeover notes and see how much it can add to your performances.”

                                                 - Michael Messing, Knoxville, TN



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