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Madcap melodies, kooky beats and eerie atmospheres! Perfect for Halloween and any mysterious performance venue. These unique original songs by Arthur and Leslie Stead vary from orchestral, latin, jazz and rock to chillingly cinematic. Packed with hidden melodic counter-lines to intrigue and involve your audiences. This music is perfect for many other themes and educational programs, such as Egyptology, archaeology, science, wizardry, creepy crawly reptiles or insects. And of course, great fun for a regular magic show, any time of year! 


CD Contents:
1. Prelude :40
2. Monster Mobile 3:27 (sample) 
3. Unicorn Mountain 4:43 (sample)
4. Thing 1:58 (sample) 
5. Tarantula Tea Party 3:32 
6. Black Cat 3:32 (sample)
7. Skeleton Tango 2:37
8. Goblins and Ghouls 2:24 (sample)
9. Creature Feature 4:39 (sample) 
10. Groovy Ghost 4:03 (sample)
11. Dragon Dreams 3:03 
12. King Tut’s Pedicure 4:10 (sample) 
13. Cool Cadaver 3:41
14. Dungeon :44
15. Full Moon :34
16. Graveyard Shift :36
17. Bat Cave :43
18. Opera Phantom 6:06 (sample)


“All too often, royalty-free music can sound like somebody went down to Wal-Mart, bought a little toy keyboard, and started sequencing some loops. Arthur and Leslie Stead’s music consistently avoids the rinky-dinky-stinky sound of cheap sequenced music, instead launching into a full palette of orchestral sounds and creative, multi-layer arrangements. The music isn’t limited to just Halloween shows. Any presentation that could benefit from mysterious, suspenseful or mystical music may be enhanced by these tracks. I added some of the Steads’ tracks to my shows years ago and always look forward to hearing the new material they’ve come up with. They already have a great brand and this new CD only strengthens it.”

                             - Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine review


“There are a handful of very skilled composer-arrangers who have chosen to write specifically for magicians. One of the best teams is Arthur and Leslie Stead. This CD contains 13 full length pieces in various styles, all with a certain amount of spookiness to them, such as sound effects (masterfully done, so they don’t interfere with the music) and thematic and harmonic choices that will allow you to underscore various aspects of your routines. There are also five shorter bonus tracks that set the mood very quickly. There are bluesy, orchestral, rock and jazzy pieces. It all has a good, strong beat, so you can easily choreograph movements to it. Also, there are plenty of spots in which there are musical devices, such as accented chords, “shots,” glissandos, and other musical devices that will allow you to emphasize productions, transformations or vanishes. Taste in music is very subjective. However, this particular CD would be excellent for any of the purposes I have already mentioned, or to set the mood for a séance or bizarre presentation. And it’s not just for Halloween. You can use this music for any kind of routine that needs a spooky background or a mysterious atmosphere.”
- Bill Palmer, MUM Magazine review


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