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Give your shows Musical Performance Power with these 18 amazing royalty-free music tracks by award-winning composer Arthur Stead. Composed with Family and Kid-Show entertainers in mind. Upbeat songs, funny songs, kid-friendly songs, rock and roll, jazz, even a magical tango sound, but also more sophisticated tracks that will work for a manipulation act or larger illusions. Recommended by Magic magazine, Genii magazine, and The Linking Ring. 


CD Contents:
1. AbraKIDabra
2. Inspector Kazoo (sample)
3. Hourglass Serenade
4. Eye on the Ball (sample)
5. Hocus Pocus
6. Wizard’s Wand (sample)
7. Kitty Cat Song
8. Sorcerer’s Samba (sample)
9. Presto Chango
10. Miss Direction
11. Mango Magic
12. Rockin’ Rabbit (sample)
13. Clown Cavalcade
14. The Legend (sample)
15. Invisible Imp
16. Twister’s Tango
17. Soda Pop Genie (sample)
18. Kitty Cat Remix


“I was amazed at the variety and sophistication on this royalty-free CD.  Here are 18 tracks, totaling almost an hour of music, in many different styles.  These are professionally arranged and performed, and they are very, very good.  You might use a disc like this for a TV appearance, as background music for parts of your live show, or as an interlude before or after your performance.  This is music you will be proud to have associated with your act.  All I can say is, I hope the little buggers you perform for are worthy of this music.”

                                                 - Matthew Field, Genii Magazine 


 “Just wanted to tell you how much I love your ‘Make it Magic’ Volume I CD.  I’ve purchased other CD’s in the past that were composed for children’s entertainers, but yours is the best.  The built-in ‘hits’ really emphasize the magical moves.  The music is fantastic and I can’t wait to purchase Volume II. Thanks for providing family entertainers with this wonderful music.”

                                                    - Linda Holliday, Orefield , PA


“I recently invested in your Make it Magic, Volume I CD, and I have been MASSIVELY impressed by all the tracks on it.  Much better than any other royalty-free music for magicians I’ve ever heard!”

                                                    - Mike Clarke , United Kingdom


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