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Make it Magic - Classical

AND NOW For something completely different A brand new spin on classical favorites! Our Make it Magic Classical CD gives a fresh new sound to masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Rossini and many more. Beautifully arranged, orchestrated, and professionally recorded in styles ranging from classical to rock, jazz, dance, hip hop, samba, house, funk, atmospheric, and even Gangnam Style! A rainbow of colors, progressions, exciting rhythms and rich harmonies that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats! Specifically created for live performances by magicians, illusionists, clowns, and all variety artists.


1. Swingin' Chopin (4:01) (sample) 
2. Alfred Presents (2:46) (sample) 
3. Strangely Satie (3:30) (sample) 
4. Vivaldi Rocks (3:04)
5. Tipsy Gypsy (3:06) (sample) 
6. Perfectly Pavane (4:46)
7. Taking the Fifth (3:44) (sample) 
8. Debussy Dazzles (4:09) (sample) 
9. Bee Sting (3:18)
10. Sonata Instead (3:34) (sample) 
11. The Troll King (3:17)
12. Latina Ludwig (4:40) (sample) 
13. Ghostly Grieg (1:21)
14. Pizzicato D'Lite (1:16)(sample) 
15. Sugar-Free Plum (1:50)
16. Mostly Mozart (1:48)
Bonus Track:
17. Rosinni's Barber (4:26) (sample) 
      (Gangnam Style)



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