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This is a breathtaking collection of high quality, professionally recorded, original music with attitude! Tracks are powerful, persuasive, and just plain fabulous. Every song has a unique point of view that's edgy, up-front and compelling. Styles include funk, rock, jazz, orchestral, techno, cinematic, trance, exotic. Perfect for illusionists, stage magicians, performance artists. Give your act the sharper music advantage with Cutting Edge!


1. East Meets West (2:44) (sample) 
2. Impalement (2:27) (sample) 
3. Uptown Cool (4:48) (sample) 
4. Techno Trance (4:30)
5. Land Of Echoes (4:06)
6. Slice The Dice (4:14) (sample) 
7. Piece Of Cake (3:21)
8. Switch Blade (2:35) (sample) 
9. Dark Knight (4:45) (sample) 
10. Box Cutter (2:49)
11. Private Eye (3:25) (sample) 
12. Arabesque (2:11) (sample) 
Scene Setters:
13. Twilight (1:27)
14. Cache (0:44)
15. Gothic (0:49)
16. Eclipse (0:35)
17. Crypt (1:08)
Bonus Track:
18. Pain Killer (4:55) (sample) 


"Make it Magic Cutting Edge is wonderful. The style and variety of the pieces has already begun to stretch my thinking in the use of music in my shows. Thanks for your creativity ... It's driving mine."
                                                 - Bill Gormont, Rochester, NY

"This one is your best CD yet. There's definitely music there for almost any type of situation or effect. The track titled 'Private Eye' reminds me of Henry Mancini's Peter Gunn theme on TV. I'm looking forward to putting this CD to work in my shows. It is very aptly named 'Cutting Edge', since it certainly is that and more."
                                                 - Dave Tenneboe, Sioux Falls, SD


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