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A laugh-out loud presentation of Duane Laflin's "Hare Raising Experience" with a classical music arrangement by Arthur Stead. It's a rabbit love story. Approved for all age groups. Easy to do, and the magic happens right in the spectator's hands! The music is overly romantic and dramatic, which makes the funny bits even funnier! Each joke is enhanced by a musical event. And all the magical happenings are supported by inspiring musical moments.

(Requires Sponge Bunny props, available from us for $10.00)


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“I really enjoyed performing ‘Bunny Love’ in all my summer library shows.  The music is fantastic, and all the kids and adults absolutely loved it.  I consider it to be the highlight of my shows.  The music is perfect for the patter and the drum hits and other comic touches are very funny.  Your custom music track and wonderful narration make ‘Bunny Love’ a classic!  All of your routines add to my confidence and quality of my shows.”

                                                      - George Mullican, Sulphur , LA


“I just listened to Bunny Love.  Love it!  Wow!  Great work, I really appreciate the music.”

                                                         - Duane Laflin, Troy , MT



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