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Brother Shadow's enchanting story about the "magic" in all of us, with FOUR magical climaxes! Performed to an original, hypnotic musical score by Arthur Stead. The music has built-in effects which dramatically highlight all the action. It is truly mesmerizing and awe-inspiring! Features a wonderful self-esteem message about the magical potential inside all of us.

(Requires Dream Bag effect, or a Change Bag and silks)


“Have you ever hesitated talking about a magic product because you want to be selfish and keep quiet about it?  Well, Arthur Stead has produced such a product.  ‘The Magic in You’ is a powerful and heartfelt interactive routine you will not want to share with your competitors.  It’s that great!  It could even be an emotional closing for a show.  The audience will leave feeling good about themselves, and believe that there still is a bit of magic inside every one of us.”

                                                       - Dennis Michael, Atco , NJ


“I love all your routines!  When I was transitioning from birthday parties to school programs, your routines were absolutely beneficial at catapulting my show to the next professional level.  With ‘The Magic in You’ I successfully added so many new levels: from emotional appeal, to characterization, and of course the musical element.  It added the quality of a custom made musical score (just like the movies) for my own personal performance.  Thanks a bunch!”

                                                       - Bryan Kelly, Houston , TX


“I enjoyed your CD of ‘The Magic in You’ very much.  I can see why it plays so well when you perform the routine.  I love your ending, ‘And that just goes to show you that no matter how small you are, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything!’  Like any good fairytale it has a lesson at the end.  Thanks for sharing this with the magic community.”

                                        - Brother Shadow, East Windsor , NJ



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