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The next step in interactive performing! A hilarious, totally unique version of the classic Skeleton in the Closet effect. As in the original routine, the various body parts (blocks) get mixed up in the closet, but in this version the Skeleton actually SINGS to you, the performer! It's hysterical! Features original, contemporary orchestral music by Arthur Stead which compliments key moments in your presentation. Generates wonderful reactions from kids and adults! Includes music CD, script, and full instructions.

(Requires Skeleton in the Closet Props)


“I just love Skull-o-pini!  You’ve taken a good trick and made it better, and also made it into great fun.  It really is terrific!”

                                                          - Duane Laflin, Troy , MT    


“I am delighted to be using your products to bring joy to the kids in my part of the world!  Skull-o-pini and Bunny Love are already firm favorites!”

                                                  - Bernard Mariano, Hong Kong


“I use Skull-o-pini in every show I do!  I use it in churches, educational shows, and birthday parties.  I have teens even comment about how cool the music is!  Kids will ask me to do the Skeleton again!”

                                                      - Michael Brown, Flint , MI


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