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Oscar Munoz' wonderful motivational routine about a wizard and a mouse, featuring an original Arthur Stead musical score. The music really draws the audience into the story. It's almost like performing to your own movie soundtrack! Guaranteed to enchant and captivate even the rowdiest group of kids! A charming story with a built-in self-esteem message. Includes music CD, script, and full instructions.

(Requires Stiff Rope Effect, available from us for $10.00)


Order Stiff Rope Effect:

“Oscar Munoz gave me permission to perform his ‘Merlin’ routine, but I wasn’t really comfortable with the patter.  But then I bought your version of ‘Merlin’ and used it in my shows, and it was fantastic.  The kids all sat quietly and they paid attention, and when the rope lay stiff they gasped!  I just wanted to thank you for adding music to the routine and helping me get such a great reaction!”

                                        - Matthew David Stanley, Dayton , OH


“Your ‘Merlin’ routine is simply wonderful.  It has a beautiful musical score, and to top it off, it also has a valuable learning message.  My audiences (and I) love it!”

                                              - Jeff Christensen, Vancouver , BC


“I used ‘Merlin’ in my library show and it was very well received.  The music, the cues, and the sound effects within the routine make it a great piece of theater.  Thank you for sharing this with the magic community.  Now I wish all my routines would have a great custom musical backing!”

                                                   - Bill Anderson, Naperville , IL  


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