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Looking for a magical game show sound? How about swing music, clown sounds, or music for a silk act? There is even a "spy" song on this CD. You will also find jazzy songs, high energy music, and some great tracks for slower and spookier situations such as a levitation or mind reading mystery. Lots of wonderfully useful music! And, as with all our CD’s, many of the songs have built-in musical "hits," "accents" and “swells” to which you can synchronize your on-stage actions. Recommended and used by performers all over the world.


CD Contents:
1. Abra Instrumental
2. Wannabe Wizard (sample)
3. Little Bunny
4. Top Secret (sample)
5. Sheer Delight
6. Clowning Around (sample)
7. Silk Dance
8. Swinging Sleights (sample)
9. Time Machine (sample)
10. Vaudeville Vent
11. Cool Conjurer
12. Rocket Balloon Ride
13. Take A Bow (sample)
14. Alchemy n la Mode
15. It's Magic
16. Klutzy Klown
17. Jester Jive
18. Illusionique (sample) 


“Just received your ‘Make it Magic Volume II’ CD.  What is my feeling about it?  The word is . . . ECSTATIC!  You got it perfect.  Can’t say how excited I am about it.  I’m tempted to try to redesign my entire silk act to fit your music.  I’m smiling.  I’m thrilled.  Thanks a million!”

                                                         - Duane Laflin, Troy , MT


“I used ‘Take a Bow’ this weekend (from your Make it Magic, Volume II CD) and it ROCKS!  What a great game show theme.  I combined it with one of the Fanfare tracks (from your Performance CD) and it was great.  I have done exactly the same trick for about 6 months with a pretty good response.  Turning it into a game show and adding your music kicked it up several notches.  The audience loved it!  Your music makes such a difference.  Every magician should buy your CD’s!”

                                                    - Tommy Johns, Roswell , GA


“Your music adds so much to a routine.  I’ve used several of your compositions in my acts and the audience response is always great.  The new ‘Make it Magic’ Volume II CD sounds wonderful!  I can’t thank you enough for creating it. 

                                                       - Jim Kleefeld, Avon , OH


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