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MAKE IT MAGIC STAGE features powerful original compositions in various lengths and styles. There’s something for everyone: from big band to rock, techno, acid jazz, r&b, heavy metal, hip hop and orchestral. Features 11 full-length songs for routines, plus 3 shorter tracks for interludes or volunteers, and 3 great musical magical moments, with which magicians can highlight the climaxes of their tricks. Set the stage and create the mood with these lush, gorgeous sounds. This collection is, in a word, FABULOUS!

CD Contents:
1. Las Vegas Opener (2:56) (sample) 
2. Adrenaline Rush (2:31) (sample) 
3. Lance’s Trance (4:24)
4. Magic Fever (3:42) (sample) 
5. Class Act (3:26)
6. Guillotine (3:18)
7. Bending Metal (4:29) (sample) 
8. Backstage Pass (4:04) (sample) 
9. Mission Feasible (3:33) (sample) 
10. Speed Freak (3:30)
11. Initiation (5:04) (sample) 
Interludes/Volunteer Tracks:
12. Free Spirit (2:04)
13. Spellbound (2:27) (sample) 
14. Red Sequins (1:43) (sample) 
Magical Moments:
15. Talisman (1:02)
16. Vanish (:33)
17. Reverie (:42)


“ Make it Magic Stage CD is a tableau of music that is a feast to your ears and your mind. Like a feast, I found some tracks are robust and full bodied while others are lighter fare. I found the music creating images in my mind ranging from mysterious to dramatic, to jazzy, to comedic. More importantly, I found myself saying: Ah, I think that would work well with the routine ….. This is true instrumentation and music artistry. Not just electronics cobbled together.”

                                                 - Lance Campbell, WA


“ Arthur and Leslie, thank you so much for continuing to produce such outstanding music for performers! Make it Magic Stage has some AMAZING tracks on it and I am already finding places to use them in my shows. The songs Mission Feasible and Magic Fever have already been added to my big show, and Red Sequins will probably be in three of my other shows. You guys provide the BEST music for magicians, hands down. I have listened to, and even purchased a couple of other royalty-free sources, and yours is the only music in my shows. Keep up the good work! ”

                                                 - Tommy Johns, Atlanta, GA


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