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A delightful reading routine for school and library shows. Uses the Needle Through Balloon props. Magical and memorable, with genuine educational content. Original music enhances key moments in your presentation. Makes a lasting impression on both students and teachers. “One of my most talked-about effects” – Arthur Stead

(Requires Needle Through Balloon props)


“I received the Hot Air Balloon and The Blessings of Love routines. They are fantastic! We fellow magicians are so very fortunate to have someone of your many talents producing items for us. I sometimes find it hard to believe someone of your fame and abilities would take the time to produce these and share your knowledge. I want to thank you for all you have done and look forward to many more items from you!”

                                              - Rodney Goodman, Sugar Land, TX

“Hot Air Balloon is one of the few ROUTINES I have seen for the Needle Through Balloon. You can now take this time honored effect far beyond ‘I can do this and you can’t’ and take it into the world of entertainment! The musical score with this routine emphasizes every point in the routine, even the inflating of the balloon! Best of all, it has a reading message for those who do educational programs. If you are looking to add music to your program, there’s no better way in my opinion than Arthur Stead’s two new routines, Hot Air Balloon and The Blessing of Love. Take advantage of having music in YOUR act composed by a Grammy Award Winning musician!”

                                               - Tim Sonefelt, Anderson, SC


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